"Only music has the power to shape the character ... With music, you can teach yourself to develop the right feelings" Aristotle

MUTAL (MUTAVAKKIL) BURKHANOV (1916 - 2002) is the author of the National Anthem of the Republic of Uzbekistan, one of the founders of Uzbek professional music, People's Artist of Uzbekistan, the  Laureate of State Hamza Prize of Uzbekistan and State Berdakh Prize of Karakalpakstan.

In 1928-1932 M.Burkhanov studied at the Samarkand Music and Choreography Institute. In 1934 he studied at the Moscow State Conser­vatory named after P.Tchaikovsky in Worker's Faculty. Then (in 1935) he studied in Uzbek op­era studio attached to the Moscow Conservatory. After that in 1939 he entered the Moscow State Conservatory and took class in composition.

M.Burkhanov devoted himself to the creative work for more than 50 years and com­posed many compositions in different genres. His symphonies, vocal-symphonic compositions, "Alisher Navoi" opera, cantatas, romances, film-music, and particularly songs entered the golden fund of the national musical art. The melodic language of M.Burkhanov's music is vivid, origi­nal and poetics. The development of many-part choral art in Uzbekistan is associated with the name of M.Burkhanov. His 80th anniversary the composer met with new vocal   compositions "Shiru-Shakkar" on the verses by Abdurakhman Djami and "Abadiy Khotira" ("Eternal Memory") dedicated to subjected to repression Fayzulla Hojaev, Abdulla Kodiri, Abdurauf Fitrat. Abdulhamid Chulpon, Usmon Nosir, brother Misbekh and uncles Mashkhariddin, Mukammil, Muamrnir Burkhanovs.

From 1955 to 1960 he was the Chair­man of the Board of the Union of Composers or Uzbekistan and was continually elected to the authorities of the Union of Composers of Uzbekistan. He made a great contribution to consolidation of friendship between the people of fraternal republics.


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